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Hiroko Anzai

Name : Hiroko Anzai
Born :February 9, 1980
Height:157 cm
Measurements : 89-62-90

Hiroko Anzai is a Japanese actress, model and idol, who has appeared in various magazines and photo albums.

Her first photo album was released and titled Mystic.

Fuji TV selected Hiroko as its Visual Queen of 1998.

She has body cm, and stands tall.

Alessandra Ambrosio

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Ambrosio loves surfing, seeing bands, drinking caipirinha and eating chocolates, which she admits to indulging in every day. She is very conscious of her figure and works out with her Brazilian trainer doing the Brazilian Butt Lift, which is a mix of samba, capoeira and aerobics.When Ambrosio first came to New York, Gisele Bündchen lent her apartment for two weeks and Adriana Lima helped her translate English. She described her typical week as jetsetting from one country to another for photo shoots and in between she has some phone interviews. She still visits her family in Brazil regularly and calls Erechim, Brazil her favorite place in the world and having traveled the world has not yet convinced her otherwise. These days, she shares a New York City apartment with her lawyer sister Aline.

Nicole Richie

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Nicole Camille Richie is an American actress, author, singer, socialite, celebutante, and television personality. The adopted daughter of Lionel Richie, she is perhaps best known for her role in the reality television show The Simple Life.Richie was a member of the rock band "Darling" in 2004 along with Josie Maran and Soleil and Sofia Alberti. A year later she made her musical debut on The View playing the piano.Although widely speculated that Richie is working on an album, she told People that its not true, however, she said that "I do eventually , but right now I have a lot on my plate". In 2004, she auditioned for the part of Maureen in the popular Broadway hit, Rent, but did not get the part. In 2008 she was offered the lead role in the hit musical Chicago as Roxie Hart .

Maiko Kazano

Maiko Kazano 風野舞子 is a 27 year old former gravure idol from Tokyo who started her career in 1998 with the stage name of Yuki Tsubasa 結城 つばさ. She moved from bikini modeling to nude modeling and over her career released 10 videos, 11 photo books and appeared Asahi TV show 土曜ワイド劇場 in 2003. She retired from modeling in 2004 but last year she made a comeback with 2 DVD releases including Venus Alive and Super Body. It is unclear however whether her return to the idol world is permanent or just temporary.

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Rio Yagisawa

A very very cutie Japanese girl Rio Yagisawa lets see.